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Attempt factors Abstract The nutrition transition transforms food systems globally and shapes broadcast health and environmental change. Here we provide a global forward-looking assessment of a continued nutrition transition and its interlinked symptoms in respect to cooking consumption. These symptoms range from emaciated and unbalanced diets to obesity, cooking waste and environmental pressure. The prevalence of underweight approximately halves but answer numbers stagnate at 0. Aligned, dietary composition shifts towards animal-source foods after that empty calories, while the consumption of vegetables, fruits and nuts increases inadequately. Population growth, ageing, increasing body mass and more wasteful consumption patterns are jointly pushing global food demand as of 30 to 45 43—47 Exajoules. Our comprehensive open dataset and model provides the interfaces necessary for integrated studies of global health, food systems, after that environmental change. Achieving zero hunger, beneficial diets, and a food demand attune with environmental boundaries necessitates a coordinated redirection of the nutrition transition.